Step into the rights jungle of the digital world! Get to know a copyright that was developed long before digitalization and learn what possibilities the Creative Commons Initiative has found to solve various dilemmas.

Cyberbullying - a term that everyone is talking about, but what exactly is behind it? What happens to those affected and what motives do perpetrators have? Here you will find lots of background information and suggestions for practical projects with your target group.

Our digital world keeps some crazy things in store: People tilt ice buckets over their heads or lead FOMO syndrome, they are "seduced" by a blue choice or forget their good tone. Get to know various Internet phenomena!

What are social media services and how are they used by different target groups?
Enter the colourful world of digital applications, explore individual platforms and examine their opportunities and risks for your target group.

Coding is on everyone's lips and children and teenagers should learn to program from now on. But what is the difference between "coding" and "programming" or what does it mean to program yourself? Try out some programming environments developed for children and teenagers yourself and then test them with your target group.

The development of eParticipation tools was associated with the hope of creating a greater incentive for children and young people to get involved. However, the use of these tools alone does not guarantee a successful participation process. Learn more about the planning of participation processes, your use of offline and online methods and be inspired by successful participation projects!

Learning by playing, discovering and developing skills through the game. The explanatory model of "Homo ludens" is transferred to the digital world. Get to know different game forms and genres and question their psychological mechanisms critically.

Discover the world of analog and digital algorithms. Find out how algorithms determine your life - and simplify it. But where does the mechanism of "making life easier" tip over and threaten to become a loss of control?

Data Protection course will guide you through basic topics regarding data protection and privacy considering todays massive use of social networks. Data protection should not be neglected especially when using various apps like  e-banking, internet shopping, chatting, social media, online games etc.